Sphero Accessories

A range of Sphero accessories for the unique ball-shaped robotic toy Sphero is a unique toy that looks like a simple ball but can be controlled remotely. I developed a number of accessories for the basic version of the toy including soft-moulded covers to increase grip and give the robot the ability to function in water. I also worked to develop a range of extra accessories to work with Sphero’s spin-off Star Wars BB8 droid toy, as well as prototyping covers and helmets to turn the off-the-shelf toy into a ‘Dark-Side BB8’.
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Pinblock Instruction Manuals

A creative building toy that simplifies building sets by making every single piece exactly the same Pinblock is a new type of creative tool that is both easy to use but also has the potential for extremely complex models. Blocks can be joined and pivoted allowing a huge range of building opportunities without the need for specialist parts. Pinblock had a large number of model kits in development which all required easy to follow yet comprehensive instruction manuals. Using photographs of the models I first built virtual versions of the kits then developed a visual style for manuals that could be followed by anyone, regardless of language or background.
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Design Services

A full product design and development service, from concept to production. I have run projects for over 200 clients ranging from simple concept renderings to complete projects which have been developed from initial concept all the way through manufacturing to market. I offer an entire range of services including: concept development and idea generation, prototyping and low-run manufacturing, renderings, visualisations and sketching, and 3D CAD, FEA and engineering drawings. I can also help you with wider design skills such as web design, animation and video editing, graphic design, sales and marketing material, and copywriting
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