Sliding Laptop Stand

Use in the bath, on the sofa, or in bed. A multi-function tray primarily designed for using a laptop without causing problems due to overheating and blocked ventilation. This design was initially developed in CAD before 3D-printed plastic parts, and laser-cut wooden parts were combined to test the design. Following testing the design was optimised so that the frame could be efficiently CNC-milled from Aluminium and the wooden parts milled from a higher quality wood.
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e-cigarette Vaping device

Bringing technology to vaping by combining app-learning and real product use Physical product design is increasingly becoming ‘smart’ with connections to mobile phone apps and other software. This e-cigarette ‘vape’ has been developed from scratch and prototyped using 3D printing and CNC-milling. Underneath the elegant and clean form it packs some impressive electronic brains. The vape can connect with your phone to learn exactly what kind of vaping experience you want, from pain relief to relaxation. The vape also includes an innovative child-lock feature to prevent any accidental use.
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Design Services

A full product design and development service, from concept to production. I have run projects for over 200 clients ranging from simple concept renderings to complete projects which have been developed from initial concept all the way through manufacturing to market. I offer an entire range of services including: concept development and idea generation, prototyping and low-run manufacturing, renderings, visualisations and sketching, and 3D CAD, FEA and engineering drawings. I can also help you with wider design skills such as web design, animation and video editing, graphic design, sales and marketing material, and copywriting
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