I am a UK design engineer who specialises particularly in Solidworks 3D CAD modelling.

I have a wide range of Design Engineering experience covering areas including mechanisms, 3D printing, materials selection, rapid prototyping and other design and manufacturing techniques.

I believe that this gives me the ability to quickly examine and critically assess your ideas – rather than just building a 3D model I can also advise you on the best way to develop your design so that it is a success in the real world.

I have more than ten years of Solidworks experience and hold a First Class Honours degree in Sustainable Product Design from a Top 25 UK university. I have also completed a range of Solidworks-certified training courses in the UK.

I particularly enjoy working on projects which solve mechanical problems using innovative ideas and mechanisms. I previously trained as a helicopter pilot in the Royal Air Force and am a keen mountain biker, and these experiences and skills feed into my love of mechanical design.

I have travelled extensively. Prior to becoming a full-time freelancer I drove a vintage London Black Cab from London to Sydney, passing through fifty countries, setting two Guinness World Records and raising over £20,000 for the British Red Cross, before writing a book about the adventure. This innate curiosity to explore and investigate how things are done differently around the world provides me with a wide range of design inspiration.

I have been freelancing full-time for over three years with over 200 satisfied clients from every continent except South America (if you’re reading this from there and have a design idea then please get in touch!). These clients range from individuals with a simple “shower thought” idea, to large companies with more rigid development processes, to entrepreneurs who have completed successful Crowdfunding campaigns and now need to develop their products for market.

CAD modelling is my speciality but I also have experience of graphic design, copywriting, sketching and illustration, web design, Crowdfunding and even online marketing. This means that I can contribute fully to your wider team and drive your project from an idea to a reality.

If you have an idea that you’d like to discuss please get in touch today, or if you’d like to see more of previous work visit my full portfolio on Behance.